Dynamic media, expert communication.

A full-service media agency with the personnel, experience and contacts to deliver solutions that work – that’s what we do at Paykel. In its purest form, ‘media’ is a means of communication that allows you to reach and or influence people widely.

Media is reciprocal – it’s used by both advertisers and consumers.

Media is dynamic – it’s constantly changing to suit the environment in which we live, adapting to technological advances.

Paykel Cairns’ media services are the same. We harness all media channels, including press, television, print and digital, to deliver real and effective marketing solutions for our customers.

Paykel Cairns is a part of one of Australia’s largest independently owned media buying agencies. We deliver media services to customers in Far North Queensland, Australia and Oceania. We expanded our product delivery and expertise, but maintained our thought processes and ethos.

We have worked to ensure our multimedia services are ingenious and effective. Our media services work. Our customers are a testament to their success.


This just in: Video did NOT kill the radio star.

Get this - radio is accessible to people on-the-go and is present in places where other media is not. Radio is still widely listened to by people driving, as well as being played in all types of commercial environments - from offices to workshops and beyond. This medium remains a vital part of an effective sales, marketing and advertising campaign. We know - we checked.

Paykel Cairns radio services include, but are not limited to, the production of cost effective radio advertisements including script writing, voice overs and recording, as well as placement strategies and media buying.

Our radio services will work for you. Use our knowledge to grow your business.


When we talk about press, we're thinking a varied form of media, that includes your daily and weekly newspapers, boutique publications and in-flight magazines, brochures and more. Paykel Cairns are press experts. Our award-winning campaigns and advertisements have helped our customers exceed their brand and sales targets. We have been acknowledged by the industry experts for our innovative approach, implementation and press services. We know each client, product and event is different, even if they have the same target market. We explore creative solutions and deliver superior results, which are carefully crafted by our creative crew to be brand consistent and results orientated. Press allows us to deliver detailed information, visually and graphically.

And don't forget - using press doesn't just mean press advertising. If you need a press relations service, a press release written or just a general response to a news story, we're here to support all your PR and communications needs.


Television is still a widely-used and accessible forms of media. Advertising your business, product or event with a television commercial is sometimes the best way to reach your audience. When a television is turned on, your audience is immediately engaged with your advertisement.

We're television advertising experts. Not only do we have superior buying power when it comes to placement, but we have a creative team to devise and execute videos that will get results. And even better - you’ll be surprised at how affordable this media really is.

Some of our clients include, but are not limited to: Cairns Taipans, IPI Group, FNQ Hospital Foundation, Cairns Regional Council, DFS Galleria and more.

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Media planning

Planning a good media campaign is the best way to maximise your return on investment. Media planning - it’s research, analysis, knowledge and power.

We see this as a two-step approach. First, we need to understand who your customers are. Following that, we need to understand where and when they access their information and how they research their buying decisions.

Effective media planning enables you to target your advertising campaign and spend across those channels and times, when your target market is most active and receptive. It’s acknowledging there is a multitude of channels and media at your disposal, then picking the right ones to reach your audience.

Our team will ensure your advertisements reach the right customers - each and every time.


Online consumer research is undoubtedly a hot topic in the industry - and it will continue to be. Customers search for products, services and businesses online before they even visit a bricks-and-mortar shop. Internet consumer activity grows exponentially year on year across all age groups and demographics.

The online world incorporates a range of spaces - websites, social media, blogs and beyond.

The question is: How do you understand the online world and harness it to your advantage?
We have two words for you: influencer outreach.

We use our expertise, personnel and relationships to maximise your influencer outreach to help you increase traffic and clicks. These days, good business really is at your fingertips.

Advertising campaigns

Advertising campaigns are multifaceted, multimedia vehicles designed to bring your business attention. Whether it’s launching a new business product or service; promoting a sale or milestone; or just keeping your brand top of mind, we’ll build an advertising campaign that will work for you.

Further still, we’ll do the market research and media buying to ensure you're connecting with the right people at the right time, to achieve the right response.

Paykel Cairns, in conjunction with its Paykel parent company, places more than $80 million worth of advertising media each year. We offer industry expertise, contacts and unrivalled buying power. Our campaigns work. Our customers are located regionally, nationally and internationally.

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At Paykel Cairns, our media services are driven by a desire to stay current and keep it real.  Contact us today.