To creativity and beyond

Creative services by passionate people – that’s what we deliver at Paykel Cairns. Our creative crew are media, marketing and advertising experts who have the experience, confidence and capacity to craft targeted and brand consistent communications and strategies, suitable for any business, product, event and platform. Paykel has a clarity of vision on what it delivers – thoughtful creative services designed to connect, engage and delight.

Our creative and design services suite includes print; strategy; video for television and web; copywriting, communications; branding and brand development; sales and marketing materials and displays; billboards; vehicle wraps; websites; e-newsletters; social media and more.

At Paykel, we have a genuine interest in our clients and their businesses. We take a partnered approach, investing the time to get to know you and your product before collaborating to deliver creative services that align you with your customers.

Our creative services are not “off the shelf”. They are as unique as your business, designed to target your customers in a refreshing new way.


Developing a strategy starts with you. For us, it’s about understanding what you are trying to deliver to your customers. It’s a collaborative approach, as no one knows your product and services better than you do.

We then take this knowledge and draw on it to create customised solutions, which hit the passion point of your consumers. Paykel Cairns customises each service to suit a purpose. We then develop and implement appropriate strategies to maximise your return on investment.

Paykel Cairns’ strategy services are tailored to meet the specific needs of our customers, who come from a range of business and government backgrounds.


Everything communicates.

From the way you look, to what you say and do - everything creates an impression.

Our communications specialists believe that great business, strong advertising and quality customer engagement starts with reviewing communications.

What are you called, what are you saying and how are you saying it? Do your customers understand what you offer? Have you asked them?

We can provide a range tangible communications services such as website copywriting, PowerPoint presentations, brand reviews, video messaging, and more - but true communication is an art form. We take it seriously.

When you visit our office for your communication review, our specialist will take a holistic approach, give you honest advice, and consult you on how to tell the story about your business.


Branding is your business's identity.

Good brands add value to your product and appeal, creating a connection with your target market. It tells a positive, succinct and interesting story that promotes engagement.

Bad brands cost you customers.

Our team members are brand experts. We establish new brands, update an existing brands, or develop sub-brands to suit specific products and services, and we understand the science.

But before you can tell the story about your business, you need to understand the science of branding too.

Many of our clients come to us thinking that a brand is just their logo, icons, colours, designs, taglines and messages. Their businesses are limited entirely by their own lack of education, which is where our team comes in.

To be effective, your brand should be considered at every entry-point that the public sees. What is your tone-of-voice? What is the colour psychology around your logo and brand colours? Is it consistent? Do you come through on your brand promises? A brand is only as good as the business that owns it.

From a technical perspective, a brand should be appropriately incorporated across the range of company collateral, from stationery to brochures, websites to television commercials and more. Paykel Cairns’ creative personnel will deliver an integrated approach to brand development and implementation, ensuring brand consistency is maintained throughout development and presentation.

But first, let us guide you into a successful story about your business - something as simple as a tagline can make or break your product.

Just do it.

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Print creative incorporates a range of products and services, including brochures and flyers, advertisements, presentation folders, point of sale displays, product catalogues, posters, direct mail, postcards and packaging. Paykel Cairns has extensive experience at producing eye catching and award winning, print creative services.

To be successful, each of the aforementioned items needs to fulfil a multitude of services. Advertisements, posters, direct mail, brochures and flyers are all key selling tools. They need to be created to stimulate interest and trigger a response. To be effective, they must be attractive, as well as provide the key information and calls to action to make customer response and connection as easy as possible. Paykel Cairns has the creative services to deliver superior print performance.


Television commercials are a great way to connect with your audience, during their ‘leisure’ time. As a medium, television gives you valuable exposure and can place your product or service in front of a particular demographic or target market. There is nothing ‘random’ or ‘scattergun’ about television commercials. The stations themselves actively target a specific audience through careful program selection. Independent reports and television viewing analysis is provided through ratings. The stations want to know who is watching and when. Why? So they can secure your advertising dollar.

Paykel Cairns has extensive experience at preparing and producing affordable television commercials, that are programmed and delivered to get you best results. Some of our clients include, but are not limited to: Cairns Taipans, IPI Group, FNQ Hospital Foundation, Cairns Regional Council, DFS Galleria and more.


Copy writing and content creation is not as easy as you think. It’s one thing to know all about your business, it’s quite another to write about it in a way that promotes your key points and messages, engages your customers (and the search engines) and provide relevant and timely calls to action. Effective copy writing is an art and just another of the creative services we provide to our customers, at Paykel Cairns.

While we do believe the old adage that a picture says a thousand words. We don’t think your selling should be left to pictures alone, especially on the digital platform. Written content is the glue that binds brochures, websites, posters, advertisements and pretty much all other forms of sales and marketing communication together.

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Website design has never been so important. It must serve many masters, from the search engines, to the receiving technology and your customers. As well as looking great, website design should be brand consistent, reflecting and enhancing your existing branding and sales and marketing materials. It must be dynamic, readily meeting the needs (and screen sizes) of the receiving technology, be that a desktop computer, laptop, mobile phone and any other i-device. Website designs must make navigation easy, allowing customers to get where they want to be with as few clicks as possible. It should provide key business information and calls to action. Paykel Cairns creates website designs to suit your business and product. Our digital designers can also create social media accounts, e-newsletters and more.

Graphic design

Graphic design is the art of visual communication that combines images, words and ideas to convey information to an audience, especially to produce a specific effect.

Paykel Cairns’ graphic designers are creative people, passionate about creating desire through design. Our graphic design services are comprehensive. We do it all, from brand development, to corporate stationery, advertisements, brochures, sale displays, packaging, presentation folders, signage, billboards and more.

Before we start designing, we start listening. We work closely with our clients to understand their business, product and or service. We partner to produce a customer profile, then design to be appealing to the target market.


Billboard design is a very specific art. Although the canvas is large, the message must be small. This is one medium where a picture is most definitely worth a thousand words.

Billboard imagery and graphics must be carefully selected with a few factors in mind.

Firstly, the billboard location. Is your backdrop urban, residential, agricultural, business or other? We must ensure your imagery ‘pops’ against its physical landscape and surrounds, capturing the attention of traffic.

Secondly, does it enhance your message and be an active part of the selling? It needs to. Calls to action should be short and sharp, easily remembered by drive by traffic.

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Marketing collateral

Collateral what is it? It can be anything really. Brochures and posters, reports and presentation folders, building and vehicle signage, banners and displays, postcards and books, this is all considered collateral.

The award-winning Paykel Cairns design team has extensive experience designing press and print collateral of all shapes, sizes and applications. We understand the technical requirements and we’re passionate about the visual deliverables.

Whether you are trying to attract clients or simply increase brand awareness, your message will be more significant if it is has been professionally designed. Paykel Cairns can design and deliver print and press ready files to you, or we can manage the whole process for you, drawing on our established range of professional providers who will produce quality materials at the best price.

At Paykel Cairns, our creative services are driven by a desire to stay current and keep it real.  Contact us today.