The art of self promotion

Most of us, but not all, feel a little uncomfortable talking about ourselves. When it comes to promoting “me” we tend to pull back on the accomplishments and achievements when what we should be doing is shouting from the roof tops how great we are to anyone who will listen.

Often there is a great back story to tell but clients can sometimes be too close to see the obvious. We understand that entrepreneurs are laser-focused on their new product, invention, idea/concept and spend more time looking inwards instead of outwards.

A professional creative agency’s primary focus is all about the customer – YOUR customer. It’s all about research and data analysis. Who are you customers? Where are they, how do we reach them, what do we tell them, how do we tell them, will they listen, what are their buying habits and experiences? How do we engage?

We tell them a story – your story!

N.W. Ayer & Son was an agency that excelled in the art of self promotion. Founded in Philadelphia in 1869 a lot of the promotional techniques still ring true today. “So from the minds of the inventor, the producer, the distributor, along to the creative minds of the makers of advertising there is an unbroken chain of achievement. This is why the experienced imagination of advertising has been so instrumental in making dreams of great industries come try. That is why advertising is the provider of economic independence to production.”

Story telling has been around since the beginning of time, the only thing that changes is the method of delivery! Self promotion is all about telling your story.

To make your product stand out from the others, to set yourself apart from your competitors to must offer something that is unique. That uniqueness can be hidden inside the back story of why you created, invented or produced your product or service.

The art of self promotion is the art of story telling. Let us tell your story. Phone for appointment to discuss your advertising, branding and marketing goals. +61 7 4051 0088

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