Brand creation – why you need professional help!

You asked:
I know I can create a logo for my business without help, why pay a professional to do it?

A great deal of detail is applied when a creative team creates a brand for your business. Having a family member or friend knock something together when you’re a new business sometimes works, but that can go awry quickly. When the time comes and you want to get serious about growing your business, hiring a professional to create a modern, cohesive brand is the only way forward.

Here are three reasons why:

  1. A professional design team will have enough experience to bring your brand “to life” using tools like colour psychology, unique typography and other marketing techniques to ensure that your brand is useful and is entirely unique.
  2. When you work with a creative agency, your team will be well-versed in procedural details such as file formats, resolutions, and other important elements to optimise your brand for web or print. Using a file that isn’t measured carefully for these platforms will result in noticeably poor quality.
  3. Your creative team will be able to take inspiration from you and turn it into a stunning and cohesive visual identity for multiple uses in your business.

You asked:
If I decide to hire a creative team, what will I be paying for?

That’s easy. Here’s what you’ll get when you come to the professionals to get your brand right:

Business analysis

Your brand is your story, and research is key when telling the story about a business. When our team looks at your branding process, we gather information to ensure that we’ve done our due diligence before we start the project. This usually involves an initial meeting, and an in-depth questionnaire that helps us review what matters most in your business’s story. Who are your prospective customers? What sector do you work in? We might even set up a secret Pinterest account where you can save designs or images that inspire you. We analyse all the details.

Colour, theme and pattern discovery

After our team has enough information about your business, we’ll go through the information and inspiration provided and find a pattern. Themes and colour palettes that support the personality of your brand are brought forward and exploited. For example, each colour on the spectrum can tell a story to the viewer. Red can bring alarm or ignite passion, green relates to nature and freshness, and yellow feels trustworthy. Is your business modern, classic, young or bold? These patterns will come together in your visual identity. Your logo will tell the story of your business.

Creating something unique

When we ask you to show us other brands – including competitor brands –  that you admire, we not only take inspiration, but we also ensure that your logo is completely unique. We never want you to find out that your logo looks just like another business’s down the road. Your business is special. It needs to be represented that way.

Criticism and feedback

Did you know that it’s common for creative teams to get their brand designed externally? When you’re close to a project and are emotionally invested, it can be hard to see things clearly. It’s good to get a fresh outlook on something so important.

During the process of creating your brand, we will listen to your criticism and feedback, but also take the time to give you honest consultation and advice to ensure we’re giving you a responsible and useful product.

Optimising for web and print

A design team understands how to create files correctly for different uses. For example, your business letterhead will necessitate very different file settings than an Instagram profile photo. A creative design team understands each job’s specifications and how to optimise your brand for the channel that you are using.

Creating cohesion and versatility

Your creative team’s responsibility is to create a set of cohesive and versatile elements for your brand and teach you how to apply it. Collateral should fit together and be recognisable for your business, even if you’re using logo or colour variations.

Final thoughts

There’s a lot more to the brand design process than just choosing a font and colour that you like. Hiring a professional creative team will provide you with an expert approach to building your business – for now, and in the future.

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