Responsive Web Design – who needs it?

In today’s rapidly changing technological environment, the multitude of various devices on the market is ever increasing. Clients are consistently asking for mobile versions of their websites that are compatible with every platform and device that comes on the market. Tablets, phones and computers of every size, and even now with the emergence of wearables, have all called for a more efficient way of creating cohesion between devices.

The impracticality of designing separate website versions for each various screen or device resolution has led to the concept of Responsive Webpage Design.

Responsive Webpage Design means that the design and development of the webpage will respond to the user’s behaviour and environment, where the layout will change and adapt based on the size and capabilities of the user’s device. In other words, having a Responsive Web Design, or a Flexible Layout means that your website will look good on all devices because it will move, shrink or grow according to the device it is being viewed on. This is done by using fluid, proportion based grids, flexible images and varying CSS style rules to deliver different user experiences to desktop, tablet and mobile devices while maintaining the same HTML and URL structure. The page content has the ability to be shifted according to the user’s environment or device, images are automatically adjusted reducing the need of loading large images on smaller screens, and text is manoeuvrable according to the space available on the screen.

So why is a Responsive Web Design important, you ask? Other than for the awesome reason of user compatibility amongst the various devices on the market? Well, it will improve your site in the eyes of Google.

With high commitment to accessibility, Google recommends using responsive web design as it saves load time, it is easier for users to share and link to the content on a single URL, and it helps Google’s algorithms to accurately assign indexing properties to the page. This improvement enables Google to index more of the site’s content and keep it up to date and fresh. In other words, your site becomes more ‘modern’ in the eyes of Google, and therefore, has a better ranking.

Our experienced team at Paykel Cairns have the expertise to deliver Responsive Website Design for you and your business. If you are interested in improving your site, simply speak with one of our wonderful team members at Paykel Cairns who will assist you in all things related to Responsive Website Design and will answer all of your queries.