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Know the process: brand creation


You asked: I know I can create a logo for my business without help, why pay a professional to do it? A great deal of detail is applied when a creative team creates a brand for your business. Having a family member or friend knock something together when you’re a new business sometimes works, but […]

The benefits of Responsive Web Design


In today’s rapidly changing technological environment, the multitude of various devices on the market is ever increasing. Clients are consistently asking for mobile versions of their websites that are compatible with every platform and device that comes on the market. Tablets, phones and computers of every size, and even now with the emergence of wearables, have all called for a more efficient way of creating cohesion between devices.

The impracticality of designing separate website versions for each various screen or device resolution has led to the concept of Responsive Webpage Design.

Hot Croc Advertising is now Paykel Cairns


Hot Croc Advertising, over the last 18 months has been a part of the national Paykel group, but now changing its name to Paykel Cairns. It’s the same great team, delivering even more services and expertise.

Who are Paykel? Paykel is a full service media agency, based in Sydney with offices in Melbourne and now Cairns. Paykel is one of Australia’s largest, independently owned, media buying agencies. Core services include: communication and media planning, media negotiations and buying, creative production, digital marketing and influencer outreach.

Paykel has long standing relationships with key media partners in regional and national markets. Customers are based around the country and the world, including key accounts in New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.